Gun range offers firearm safety classes for all levels of shooters in Lebanon County

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MYERSTOWN, LEBANON COUNTY, Pa. – A local family opened a gun range in Lebanon County in November, 2016 and say their main goal is to educate the community on gun safety.

Enck’s Gun Barn in Myerstown offers safety courses offered for people of all levels.

"The safety issue. We have so many people that come in and that say ‘I want to buy a firearm’. It becomes apparent immediately that they need to know to handle that gun,” said Fran Enck, Co-Owner of Enck’s Gun Barn.

To combat potential safety issues the Encks say they see, they offer NRA certified firearm classes to the community.

"We will sell a class first, and then, sell the handgun. When we do our classes, it gives them the opportunity to learn everything there is to learn about it, not just to hold it,” added Fran.

"It’s not McDonalds; service is not guaranteed. If the sale doesn't seem right, feel right, we don't have to do it,” said Bob Enck, also an owner.

And since I have never held a gun, let alone shot one, I had the opportunity to take part in the education, and take a shot or two at the gun range.

The classes cost $125.00 and take about five hours to complete, including range time.

"Try several, they get to know how to take it apart to clean it, safely. They know how to load, unload, what their ammo should look like,” explained Fran.

The Encks believe the classes really help understand how to safely use a gun.

"They will come in here, in some cases, shaking because they've never handled a firearm,” said Fran.

The Encks welcome all levels but see one group of people visit the range the most: "Women,” said Bob Enck. "It's what it should be,” he added.

And one woman was at the range learning today.

"It's a little nerve wracking at first, but I like the fact it's indoors so I'm not distracted by things outside,” said Kim Manderbach from Jonestown.

For $20.00 per hour, you can rent one of the ten indoor lanes, with your own firearm or rent, at an additional cost, one of the guns offered and perfect your shot -- or just learn how to shoot.

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