Lancaster Against Pipelines closes continuous encampment

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CONEWAGO, Pa. - The group Lancaster Against Pipelines has been camping at "The Stand" for nearly a month. The encampment was created in an effort to stop the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline project. The pipeline is set to go through more than 35 miles of Lancaster County. Over the weekend members of the group announced, through social media, they are closing the continuous encampment.

On the Lancaster Stand Facebook page it says, "as best we can tell, serious, concerted construction of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline has been delayed by up to several months. There are still state permits that have yet to be issued for the project to go forward, and FERC has still not issued their official notice to proceed. Williams Partners employees testified in court this week that pipe would not begin being laid until July at the earliest.With that in mind, the Lancaster Stand is moving to a weekend-only schedule effective immediately. Our weekend gatherings will focus on action planning, trainings, and workshops in preparation for when construction does occur."

Williams Partners, the company building the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline, said in a statement it is still waiting to get permits approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

As far as Lancaster Against Pipelines members continuing to protest Williams spokesman Chris Stockton said, "We respect peoples’ right to protest, as long as those protests are done peacefully and safely. We also continue to hear from thousands of people who support the project who recognize the important role it will play in supporting the tens of thousands of jobs tied to the state’s natural gas industry.”

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