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FOX43 finds out why a Lancaster man’s online tax return was never filed

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LANCASTER, Pa -- Scott Cramer of Lancaster has filed his tax returns online with H&R Block for years.

Until, he went to file this year and something didn't add up.

"Can't trust it, can't believe it."

He says it was a headache.

"We go to enter the AGI and we get it off our previous return and it said it doesn't match. So we double check it and it doesn't match."

He then called the IRS.

That's when he learned his 2015 tax returns were never filed.

"I have my copy here that says it was completed. The H&R Block website says it was completed. The agents I spoke to through chat says it was completed. But the IRS said they didn't get it."

He said he owed the state $11 and was getting a refund from the federal government.

The Cramer's direct deposit their tax refund each year into a savings account and don't touch it.

That's why they never noticed the money wasn't in that account.

So, Scott called H&R Block.

"It's ridiculous. They want to get into why I didn't notice, as opposed to why they didn't do what I paid them to do."

He then went to an actual H&R Block store to get answers.

He says it was at the Fruitville Pike location, in Lancaster County where he finally got some help.

A manager there put him in touch with corporate.

An employee there told Cramer he was sent an email last year saying there was an issue with his return, an email he says he never got.

He asked why only one email was sent, not a phone call or letter to let him know

"They said that there are so many of these that they can't call everybody."

Cramer says he paid about $70 dollars in total to file online with H&R Block.

He wants the company to satisfy its end of the bargain.

"Part of the deal when you sign on with them is that they're going to represent you if something goes wrong. They're going to do something if something is wrong with your return. Well they didn't."

We reached out the H&R Block and got this response: "H&R Block takes this matter seriously. We worked directly with the client to resolve the issue. We offered to cover any potential penalties and interest due to the late filing and refunded prior year filing fees. In addition, we have offered complementary filing for next year. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

Cramer told FOX43 he won`t file with H&R Block again and instead will do it all by hand, himself.

"My wife and I are smart people, we shouldn't have to deal with this nonsense."

So far, Cramer says he hasn't heard from the state to see how much he will owe since the state never received his return last year.

The state told FOX43, he could owe 25% of the amount due to the state as a penalty and an additional 4% for interest.

In total, that turns his $11 payment into $14.30.

The state does say if the taxpayer can prove they have documentation filed by the due date that fee could be waived.

Cramer doesn't think he'll get penalized by the IRS because he was getting a refund and didn't owe any money.

Still, the feds say you can always double check to make sure the IRS has all your correct paperwork.

Whether you file online yourself or with a tax preparer, the software you use  will usually send you a confirmation.

You can double check that by going to the "Where's my refund" tool 24 hours after filing.

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