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Animals removed from a condemned rescue in West York

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WEST YORK, Pa. -- Thirty-eight animals were taken out of a former animal rescue in West York. Four of them were Huskies. The rest were cats.

The former West York Feline Rescue is located at a home at 45 North Pearl Street.

Regina Scott has been living on North Pearl Street for 20 years. And for eight of them, she said she's smelled a problem.

"The stench from the house and the animals have filtered into my house," Scott said.

She said eight years ago the owner, Lori Uhrich, moved in, along with animals. Scott said an awful smell seeps through her basement walls.

"So I have been to council many times for many years making complaints about this and nothing got done," Scott said.

That is, until last week, when West York officials condemned the home for unknown reasons.

A statement from York County SPCA reads: On March 23, 2017, the York County SPCA accompanied West York Borough officials to the home of Lori Uhrich located at 45 North Pearl Street, York, PA 17404.  To date, 38 animals have been removed from the home.  The animals were generally in good health however, unsanitary conditions were present inside the home. Lori Uhrich has been very cooperative throughout the process and voluntarily relinquished ownership of the animals to the York County SPCA.

Scott said she's been struggling to get council members to do anything about the issue, and she thinks a large part has to do with Uhrich's former employment with the borough.

"One of my incidents was to call up and make a complaint, and she would've been the person I had to complain to," Scott said.

Scott showed pictures of the condition of the rescue from a couple weeks ago. She said she's also had no help from council members.

"They have two people on council who blocked anything that the codes officer tried to do because she is friends or was at the time friends with the council members," Scott said.

We reached out to West York Feline Rescue on their Facebook page, and the response we received said the rescue has been closed for more than a year.

"That is not true. She has been giving kittens away or selling them whatever she did all year long," Scott said.

West York borough officials did not want to comment because it's an open investigation.

Scott said she will bring up the subject at the next council meeting on Monday and plans to ask for those two council members to resign.

The cats and dogs are currently at the York County SPCA. The cats are in quarantine, but the Huskies are up for adoption.