Dauphin County attorneys address opioid crisis in Pennsylvania

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Members of the Dauphin County Bar Association are talking about what they can do to help those affected by the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania.

Several attorneys and other members of the community gathered Wednesday to discuss how the drug affects the lives of those in the community.

The audience wasn't limited to lawyers, many in other careers from law enforcement to healthcare were also in attendance.

Dauphin County Bar Association executive director Liz Simcox said "the impact of the opioid crisis is so far reaching that we see that there will be a need for lawyers in many of the situations that might arise from the problem, and so educating our membership, we think is very important for the community."

Simcox said looking at local and state governments handle those fighting addiction, will help lawyers to better respond to the issues their clients face.

"A number of our lawyers in the community practice healthcare law and advise hospitals, first responders in this particular area. We see it as a community issue, educating the population in general. I think lawyers can help in all of those areas," Simcox said.