Volunteers in Lancaster Co. help toads cross roads to safety

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MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- They may not be chickens, but American toads in Lancaster County need to cross the road too to get safely to the other side.

Dozens of volunteers were searching for toads at Overlook Park.

Hundreds of the amphibians try to get to a body of water during this time of year.

Jesse Rothacker, the vice president of the Lancaster Herpetological Society, said, "In the past when the amphibians wake up from the woods and head to the ponds to lay their eggs there has not been a road in between."

That's where the volunteers come in to scoop the amphibians up to get them to the water, so they don't get hit by cars.

During and after a rain, toads exit their burrows and head for water after dusk, where they mate and lay eggs.

Rothacker said, "That pond becomes the Super Walmart for all the animals. Very important food source."

Helpers of all ages picked up the toads by cupping them in their hands.

Ha Lam, from Manheim Township, brought her children. She said, "With three boys, they tend to want to smash things. And so I would like to teach them how to care for animals too."

Toad enthusiasts said if you missed this road crossing, you can take a walk in your own neighborhood and listen for the sound of toads. If you find any, you can help them cross the roads.