Lancaster Co. student gives girlfriend arresting prom-posal

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LITITZ, Pa. -- It may not be a real proposal, but for high schoolers it may be just as nerve-wracking.

Prom is just around the corner, and the way one student at Warwick High School popped the question was arresting.

Colin Kauffman wanted to ask his girlfriend, Jenna Rodgers to prom in a way she wouldn't expect.

Kauffman said, "We sat along 501 by Wilbur Chocolate in Lititz and waited for her to drive by on her way to work."

The Warwick High School senior said he was finally ready to ask Rodgers to prom.

He and Lititz Police Officer Cameron Burke decided to give her a prom-posal she will never forget.

Burke said, "He pointed the car out to me, and unfortunately she got a little bit ahead of us. So I stopped her at a parking lot at work."

Burke told Rodgers she was speeding.

Rodgers said, "They had me going 40 in a 25, and I was like, 'Oh there's no way that was possible.' I was so confused. So he asked for my registration and stuff, so I turned to get it out of the glove box and Collin was on the side."

Rodgers said she wasn't expecting the moment Kauffman asked her to the dance to be like this.

She said, "So I was relieved because I wasn't going to get a ticket, but I liked it it was really cute."

Kauffman said he was confident girlfriend of seven months would say yes.

He said, "I was nervous that she would be mad at me for pulling her over but I knew she would like it and find it fun."

Instead of getting a ticket for speeding, Rodgers will have a ticket to the prom on April 29.

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