Concealed carry seminar educates public on gun rights

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SUSQUEHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Concealed carry permit applications are increasing across Central Pennsylvania, according to officials.

State representatives are arming those applicants with the information of when and how to use their gun by holding concealed carry seminars.

Before unholstering your firearm, officials said you have to answer yes to some questions, or you may have to answer to a jury.

Robert Klutas, from Middle Paxton Township, said, "You want to know when it's OK to use that. To display it, to shoot it, those kinds of things. That's very important."

State Rep. Sue Helm is aiming to help people understand their rights while carrying a concealed gun with a seminar in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County.

Helm said, "Because they want to carry this weapon so that they are protected if somebody attacks them, or whatever walks in the house. But they don't want to shoot if they shouldn't shoot."

Joseph Staudt, the owner of Staudt's Gun Shop, said applying for a concealed carry permit is getting more popular.

He said, "When people see terrorist attacks whether it's foreign countries or here, like the night club shooting or Orlando, or what happened in San Bernardino, people get fearful. And they want to protect themselves if they were in that kind of situation."

Staudt said there are more benefits that come with a concealed carry permit.

"It kind of protects you for carrying your firearm and ammunition," he said.

Attorney Josh Bodene educated the public on Pennsylvania laws and how to apply them.

Bodene said, "But it's use of deadly force, castle doctrine, stand your ground, concealed carry."

He said no matter if it's concealed carry or open carry, you have to be able to distinguish when you are allowed to use deadly force.

And you may only have seconds to determine.

Helm plans to have another concealed carry seminar on April 27 in Ono, Lebanon County, so people throughout her jurisdiction can be better armed with the information.

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