Kelvion consolidates manufacturing, moving York site to Tulsa, Oklahoma

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YORK, YORK COUNTY, Pa.– The Kelvion Group is announcing the consolidation of all North American manufacturing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a consequence its manufacturing site in York, PA, that currently produces plate heat exchangers, will be closed by September 2017 and production will be relocated to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Consolidation of the two manufacturing sites will allow Kelvion to make full use of synergies and expand production in Tulsa to bring a broader spectrum of its extensive product range of heat exchangers to the local market. In addition Kelvion will establish a sales office in York, PA and open a new sales office in Houston, Texas, to bring Kelvion closer to its local key customers in the Gulf region.

Extent of the overall program “Kelvion 2020” in the U.S.:

  • Investments in innovations and expansion of the manufacturing facility in Tulsa
  • Manufacturing in York, PA, will be relocated to Tulsa
  • The production facility in York, PA, will be closed
  • Establish one sales office in York, PA and opening of an additional sales office in Houston, Texas, to be closer to local key customers
  • Expansion of the current product range of heat exchangers to be able to offer Kelvion´s broad range of heat exchangers to the U.S. market
  • Expansion of After Sales & Service activities

With the title “Kelvion 2020,” management of the Kelvion Group introduced a comprehensive investment and reorganization program in October 2016. “To ensure ongoing enhancement of Kelvion competitive capability, we have developed the program Kelvion 2020,” as explained by Dr. Robert Wassmer, CEO of Kelvion Group. In its initial phase, the program included investments as well as structural and capacity adjustments in Germany. In the second phase analysis of strengths and weaknesses of all global sites for possible improvement potential have been initiated. The program in the US is a based on the outcome of this analysis.

About Kelvion

Kelvion is a globally active manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for a highly diversified range of market segments. Since 1920, the company manufactures and markets its products throughout many and various market segments – since November of 2015, under the new Kelvion brand. Its particular professional competency, solidly-based expertise, customer proximity, and its extensive product portfolio make Kelvion the partner in the field of heat exchange. With plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers, finned-tube heat exchangers, modular cooling towers, and refrigeration heat exchangers, the company supports customers in highly diverse global segments: energy, oil and gas, chemistry, marine applications, climate and environment, environmental applications, and food and beverages.

Kelvion is a specialist in providing customer-specific products and services and serves its target customers throughout a global sales and production network.

As of 31 December 2015, the company had generated annual sales of approx. 900 million euros and employed around 4,500 staff around the world.

For more details on Kelvion, visit their website here.

SOURCE: Kelvion

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