PA Real ID deadline running out while passport applications are up

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DALLASTOWN, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- The June 6, 2017 deadline is just two months away for Pennsylvania to move forward with the national standard of identification known as Real ID.

Pennsylvania is one of the few states with drivers licenses that are out of compliance with the federal standard.

Another government agency is extending itself to help those who might seek another valid form of ID.

Unless state legislators repeal Act 38, the ban on complying with Real ID, a passport might not just be needed to travel to far away lands, but many points in the U.S. as well.

Postal clerk Vicki Valladares said "getting onto military bases and government buildings."

It gives many Pennsylvanians something to think about.

"We have seen more people coming in lately and getting more passports, due to the Pennsylvania driver's license in 2018 not being good for travel and the domestics," Valladares said.

With limited hours, a trip to a local post office may not always be convenient. The USPS is adding weekend passport services at select post offices in central Pennsylvania, throughout the month of April.

"Monday through Friday, we only do them by appointments, due to our availability. S,o we run them out usually from 9:00-3:45, by appointments. Saturday is our only day that we do walk ins," Valladares said.

Passport photo seekers may smile, but can not show teeth.

Applicants should remember to bring a birth certificate.

"The birth certificate must have a raised seal, a fine date, and both parents names on it. If they do not have those three items, you should get a new birth certificate from the state you were born in," Valladares said.

Application are available at the post office or for download online.

"And it must be completed in black ink. Do not do it in blue, and do not sign it, until you're in our presence here, and sign it in front of us," Valladares said.

Applicants then wait for the post office to deliver their new, additional form of ID.

"If you're having routine service, we generally say up to six weeks. There is an expedited service, which is an additional charge, and that would be a three week turnaround," Valladares said.

The service isn't free, so don't forget to bring a checkbook or purchase a money order at the post office. Passports are $110 for adults age 16 and up, or $80 for kids, plus an application fee.


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