Pet Pantry of Lancaster County takes in 25 cats from condemned house

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Lancaster, PA (April 6th, 2017): This morning the Pet Pantry of Lancaster County took in 25 cats from an owner who had their house condemned in Lancaster City. All appeared to be in decent health but will undergo full medical evaluations by the Pet Pantry veterinary staff this afternoon. They will be given some time to get acclimated to their new environment and then will go up for adoption provided they have passed both their medical and behavioral evaluations.
“It is always sad in some ways when you remove animals from a situation where the owner clearly was heartbroken over this turn of events,” says Pet Pantry Medical Director, Dr. Bryan Langlois. “However, in these hoarding situations the best option for the cats will be to be adopted out into other homes. We completely sympathize with the owner in the emotions they must be going through. This was not a case of someone being cruel to these cats, but rather just someone who got in over their head in the ability to care for so many, as often is the case in most hoarding situations. It appears initially the cats are in generally good health and the owner did have them all spayed and neutered. We will be doing more in depth exams and testing/vaccination of all the cats over the rest of the afternoon.”
The cost of taking in these cats is something that the Pet Pantry will be absorbing, but they would appreciate any donations the public can give to help offset these costs. “It will run approximately $75-100 per cat to get them medically checked out and vaccinated,” Dr. Langlois noted. “The Pet Pantry has always been there to Meet the Need of the animals in this community, and this case is no different. The public has always been more than supportive of us during these times of need and we hope they will be again as we work to get all of these new feline residents of ours great loving homes.”

Source: Pet Pantry press release

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