Emergency responders prepare for the worst in Dauphin County

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LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Dauphin County, Pa.--  Emergency responders in Dauphin County are making sure they are prepared for any type of rescue situation.

First responders from Lower Paxton Township organized a Rescue Task Force event for State Police, South Central EMS and other emergency groups. The exercise took place at Central Dauphin East Middle School on Saturday. The training taught crews how to take care of wounded survivors in a mass casualty event and how to provide rapid rescue to those in need.

"In an active shooter situation, that's the worst of bad days any municipality can face. We have to be prepared to handle that as well as we possibly can," said David Spotts, Director of Public Safety for Lower Paxton Township.

Volunteer role players from Dauphin County Technical School and Bishop McDevitt High School also helped with the exercise.