Former Pennsylvania high school teacher jailed after throwing “weed and alcohol” parties for teens

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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, BUCKS COUNTY, Pa — A former Pennsylvania high school teacher will serve up to 23 months in prison and 1 year probation for throwing “weed and alcohol parties” for teens.

Jeffrey Zeltt, 51, of Washington Township, Bucks County plead guilty on February 14th on charges of endangering the welfare of children, corruption of minors, furnishing liquor to minors, possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and distributing marijuana.

Zellet, a former Hatboro-Horsham High School teacher admitted in court that he threw parties and supplied, even encouraged up to 50 teens at once to drink and smoke at his house. Zellet said in court after the suicide of his wife in 2015, he started “self-medicating” with alcohol and prescription drugs and felt his teenage girls were less grief-stricken when their friends were around them at parties. He believed he was being responsible by not letting teens drive while under the influence or impaired.

“I allowed it” he said in court “I encouraged it”.

The judge ordered Zeltt to have no contact with teens during probation, to have no contact with the victims in the case, and to continue his therapy.

He has also been approved by the judge to be screened for work release while serving his sentence.

His teenage daughters have been staying with the family of friends throughout the trial.

Zeltt said, he realizes he “was a terrible parent, a terrible adult. I betrayed my daughters and their friends.”

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