Poll: Which way did you file your taxes this year?

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April 15 (Saturday) is Tax Day, the end of 2017’s tax season.

Of course, this year, experts had advised that  you file earlier than ever in order to get your return back as quickly as possible.

With Congress passing the PATH Act, officials warned that getting your tax return may take longer now than ever before.

Brian Ashcraft of Liberty Tax Service understands that the new act may cause delays, but it may be beneficial in the end.

“The PATH Act, which was passed by Congress last year, went into effect this year and is going to delay refunds with certain credits until after February 15, so many consumers won’t receive those refunds until around the end of February,” Ashcraft explained.

“One of the reasons for the delay is to help combat fraud and identity theft. It give the IRS more time to look at the tax returns before they pay out the refunds.”

A number of people have already filed their taxes, and a number will rush to finish their paperwork and payments this week.

Our question is, which way did you file your taxes this year?

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