Lancaster man sentenced to at least two years in state prison for 2016 stalking, burglary

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LANCASTER, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– A Lancaster man is set to spend at least the next two years in state prison after stalking a female college student and burglarizing another student’s home in Lancaster City last summer.

Tyler Lee, 24, recently pleaded guilty in Lancaster County Court to burglary, attempted burglary, and stalking among other related counts.

In exchange for his plea and in accordance with a plea agreement, Lee will serve 2 to 6 years in state prison.

As part of the sentence, Lee is banned from Franklin & Marshall College campus, must be at least 100 yards from any of the college’s building, and is to have no contact with either victim.

Several times in June and July 2016, Lee stopped by a neighboring home, ringing the doorbell. On one occasion, Lee left a pair of shoes at the front door. He was then charged for trying to enter that home.

On July 13, 2016, Lee burglarized a home and stole electronics and personal items.

Two days later, Lee arrested while in possession of a crowbar.

While in prison, Lee told staff that he was having “violent thoughts” about women, and he had been watching one woman in particular, his stalking victim.

Lancaster County Judge Merrill Spahn, Jr. called the crimes “scary” while accepting the plea terms.

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