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Lt. Governor Stack: “I’m not a perfect person. I’ve said things in anger and stress.”

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Under investigation by the state for the way he speaks to others in the work place, Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack apologized Wednesday for saying things in anger, stress, and frustration "that I wish I had not said."

Stack's office recently revealed he is under investigation by Solicitor General Bruce Beemer. His chief of staff confirmed the investigation deals with "work place issues" related to services provided to the Lieutenant Governor's office.

Stack receives a Pennsylvania State Police detail, and lives at the Lieutenant Governor's residence at Fort Indiantown Gap.

"I'm not a perfect human being. I make mistakes. I get stressed. I get angry. I said things in anger or stress that I wish I had not said. I'm glad I know the two magic words, I'm sorry, because I've used them a lot in my life," Stack said.

He also apologized on behalf of his wife, Tonya, who reportedly is also involved in the alleged mistreatment of workers.

"I apologize for all these things. I can do better. I will do better. I promise the brave men and women (of the State Police) I will do better. And so will my wife," Stack continued.

Stack indicated he has not spoken to Governor Tom Wolf about the investigation. Wolf's office declined comment until the Solicitor General's report is complete.