Pa Superior Court reinstates 1st degree murder conviction of Joseph Fitzpatrick

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Joseph fitzpatrick

Joseph Fitzpatrick III

YORK, Pa.  – Almost two years since a jury convicted Joseph Fitzpatrick of first degree murder, Pennsylvania Superior Court reinstated his conviction for killing his wife Annemarie. Fitzpatrick was found guilty in June 2012 death of his 43 year old wife. The prosecution said that Fitzpatrick faked an ATV crash to make her death appear accidental.

In September 2015, York County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard K. Renn originally vacated the first degree murder conviction and sentence of life imprisonment without parole as part of an order granting the defendant’s post sentence motion.  In reversing Judge Renn’s order, the Superior Court specifically found that the evidence at trial supported the jury’s finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

As part of its published opinion, the Superior Court remanded the case to the trial court “with direction to reinstate the jury’s guilty verdict and judgment of sentence.”  Fitzpatrick is facing a mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole for his first degree murder conviction.