People in Spring Garden Township react to rejection of municipal complex

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SPRING GARDEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Commissioners in one York County township stopped progress on building a municipal complex that would cost millions of dollars.

The complex in Spring Garden Township would have been located off Mount Rose Avenue, replacing the police station and administration building.

It would also have brought an increase in taxes for people who live in the area.

Sean Clark, who lives in the township, wanted commissioners to look into other options and started a petition, gathering more than 1,600 signatures.

He thinks the board of commissioners finally heard their concerns.

Clark said, "We wouldn't have stopped until they did, and they did. And I felt very proud of our little team that pulled together that got that done. And I felt proud to be an American. It actually worked."

Commissioners at the meeting last night said they plan to have a project committee to evaluate alternatives for the complex.

Clark said his group, Friends of Spring Garden, wants to be involved in the committee.