Police respond to shooting in Penbrook

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PENBROOK, Pa.–Police are investigating a shooting in Dauphin County that wounded a 20-year-old man.

It happened shortly before 2:40 p.m. Thursday along the 2900 block of Elm Street in Penbrook.

Police did not offer further details on the man’s condition, but neighbors told FOX43 late Thursday that he was at a local hospital in critical condition.

“We’re in shock that someone could hurt an innocent boy like that,” Daneta Benoist, a neighbor who knows the victim, said. “He’s a great boy. It’s sad.”

Police refuted earlier statements from neighbors, saying the shooting was not a drive-by, but they would not go into detail of how the shooting played out.

“Right now, witnesses are still being interviewed and I did not want to interrupt the interview process, so all I know is what you know right now, is that we have a 20-year-old male that was shot in the area of 30th and Elm streets,” Lt. Steve Mowery of the Penbrook police department said.

Police would not comment on the extent of the man’s injuries, and did not provide any information on suspects.

“I don’t know if it was specifically targeted to him or if it was a random act,” Mowery said.

Neighbors lingered around the scene for hours wondering about the man’s condition.

“When my parents needed their groceries carried in, he’d carry them in; we’d yell across the street, ‘Can you come help us,’ he would run over right away,” Benoist said. “[He’s] just a really delightful boy to be around; not someone that hangs out and is bad.”