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York fire displaces 7, including family who was recently homeless

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YORK, Pa. -- Multiple people in York are without their homes after a fire ripped through two, three-story homes on the 300 block of East Maple Street.

Those fire victims are out of their homes, at least temporarily, according to York City's Fire Chief, and they lost most of what they own. A couple from 316 East Maple Street feels incredibly disheartened because it was their first apartment together after being homeless.

"We went from literally homeless to the roadway and worked our way out of that," said Rebecca Small, who lives at 316 East Maple Street.

Small has three children. They live with Raynard Anderson. Small was home with her kids when flames nearly destroyed the property around 3 this afternoon.

"I opened up the door, and all I saw was the bright orange, I mean huge. Literally, this was everything I wanted for my kids," said Small.

She says they just got themselves out of being homeless and into a safe home, here in York, and may have lost everything they worked so hard for.

"We just bought out first washer and dryer," she said. "It was big for me because we never had that."

Fortunately, David Michaels, the York City Fire Chief, says the homes at 314 and 316 may be salvageable. Most of the damage is in the back of the homes according to Michaels, and crews were able to stop flames before they spread further.

"There was a lot of fire. It was a heavy fire," Michaels said. "It was rapidly extending into the homes, but crews were again able to get inside the homes and keep that fire from coming forward."

The people who live next to Small were not home, and everyone who was home got out safely. One firefighter received a leg injury while helping fight the flames. Crews on scene rescued two dogs.

Despite the flames, Small ran back into her neighbor's house to try to rescue a litter of puppies.

"I went in to get the crate of puppies, but it was too black, and I couldn't breathe in. I'm a mom, you know, it was instinct," explained Small.

Chief Michaels says they have to investigate further to see how and where the fire started. The Red Cross is helping everyone who was displaced.