Upper Adams Prom Promise shows students deadly consequences of drinking and driving

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BIGLERVILLE, Pa. -- With prom just around the corner, firefighters in Adams County reminded high school students of the consequences of drinking and driving.

The Upper Adams "Prom Promise" demonstration at Biglerville High School recreated a field sobriety test with a student getting arrested and a car accident that could occur if someone drives under the influence. The demonstration is done every four years.

Susan Bowmaster's grandchild is a high school senior. She participated in the demonstration, with her loved one dead at the scene.

"If it stops one person from drinking and driving or texting and driving, especially around prom time, I would be happy to do it," she said.

Officials warned students to be aware not only of the consequences of drinking and driving, but distracted driving as well, like texting.

Biglerville High School Principal Beth Graham said, "We're going into an exciting time of the year with prom and graduation, and it's a feel-good time and they want to celebrate. But hopefully this sticks with them and makes them think twice before doing something that they shouldn't."

Eric Bowmaster, the assistant fire chief for Biglerville Hose & Truck Co. 1, said, "With new drivers on the road it's something different for them that they really need to pay attention while driving."

Unlike most of these types of presentations, the firefighters at this Prom Promise were familiar to the students.

Bowmaster said, "All the junior members that were doing the actual extrication today are students at Biglerville High School."

The Prom Promise is a reminder that this could happen to any student, and it can be prevented.

Graham said, "Actually we had a comment on our Facebook page today of a former student saying that it still sticks with her after eight years."

It's also a reminder to parents to make sure their children are driving responsibly because the consequences can be deadly.

Susan Bowmaster said, "Deadly scene that you'll never get to see your grandchildren or your children again. So please talk to them."