A cool start to the week

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Cool weather starts the week.

COOL WEATHER: We start our week with highs in the 60s.  Even though we start our Sunday with lots of sunny skies, clouds will increase in the afternoon.  In fact, we’ll get a lot cloudier in Franklin, Adams, York, and Lancaster Counties.  If you live in northern Dauphin and Lebanon Counties or in Mifflin and Juniata Counties, you’ll stay sunny all day.  Everyone turns cloudy by Monday morning.

A few spots will see some showers Monday afternoon.

RAINY WEATHER: We stay cloudy all day on Monday.  In the afternoon, Franklin, Adams, York, and Lancaster Counties will get scattered showers.  If you live anywhere else, you’ll stand to see just some hit or miss drizzle.  Then, we really get rainy on Tuesday.  It’s a wash out!  All the clouds and showers will keep us in the upper 50s.

You can put the umbrella away on Wednesday, but keep it handy Thursday afternoon because of some thunderstorms.

SUNNIER WEATHER: After a cloudy morning, the skies turn sunny Wednesday afternoon.  Highs really go for a ride, too.  We get up to 74.  Then, how do some mid 80s sound?  We’ll have partly sunny skies Thursday through next Sunday.  Each afternoon, we’ll also see some thunderstorms because of the summerlike weather.  Enjoy those highs in the mid 80s.

Hello summer! Mid 80s say all weekend, next weekend.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson