Sahd Metal Recycling hosts Earth Day event in Lancaster County

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COLUMBIA, Lancaster County, Pa. --  Families were able to play games and learn about the environment from experts on Saturday at Sahd Metal Recycling in Lancaster County.

To celebrate Earth Day every year, the owners open their scrap metal yard for family friendly tours, to show off their blocks of multi-color aluminum cans, and show demonstrate you can do with left over metal.

"I think a lot of time people have the image that to be green, you know, is to shut down and not produce things and just focus on not doing things... just conserving," said Dan Sahd, owner of Sahd Metal Recyling.

"There's also an industrial side. We have to continue to make things be green and at the same time and I think that mix is what's very important," he added.

More than 1000 people showed up Saturday for the Earth Day event.