Neighbors throughout Lancaster Co. rattled by earthquake

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PEQUEA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- An earthquake shook through Lancaster County Sunday evening.

The U.S Geological Survey reported a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter of it was on the 2100 block of Millersville Road in Pequea Township, just a couple miles from Millersville.

Kelly McBride of Millersville said, "It felt like we were sitting right on top of it."

Neighbors throughout the county came out of their homes, thinking it was an explosion.

Cindy Flores, from Lancaster Township, said, "We thought something huge fell on our house and something blew up."

Flores said people from Longwood Gardens, Manheim Township and New Holland were telling her they felt it too.

McBride said, "Felt this tremendous explosion, had both feet on the floor and just felt the floor shake. And then it was quickly followed up by a second what felt like a huge explosion."

This wasn't the first time an earthquake rattled Lancaster County, but some said this one was different.

Flores said,"I just never remember hearing an earthquake like that."

Mildred Dell'aquila, from Lancaster Township, said, "I initially thought it was an explosion because there was a boom. In California everything just started to shake. And you ran to the nearest doorway - or screamed."

Lancaster County Emergency Management officials reported within 30 minutes of the quake, more than 500 people called into the 911 center.

McBride said, "We tried calling 911, and a minute and a half went by and 911 didn't pick up the phone, so they were getting calls from all over."

But out of this natural disaster, people came together.

McBride said, "It was comical because my neighbor said wow we finally get to meet one another."

No injuries or major damages were reporter after the earthquake.

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