‘I sure felt it’ Earthquake shakes parts of Lancaster County

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MILLERSVILLE, Pa. - Just before 5:00 on Sunday Millersville University freshman Michael Lowinski was in his dorm.

"I was in my room just chilling. All of a sudden I felt my room shake and I thought it was just noisy neighbors upstairs" he said.

It was an earthquake. The U.S. Geological Survey confirms a magnitude 2.3 earthquake shook parts of Lancaster County. The epicenter is near New Danville along Rt. 741.

"I sure felt it. I was in my kitchen yesterday at that time and it was a bang and the house shook," said Dr. Charles Scharnberger, a retired Millersville University Geology professor and earthquake history specialist.

The largest earthquake in Lancaster County, in recent years, was a magnitude 3.4 earthquake in the Salunga area in 2008. Since then there have been multiple small ones like Sunday's.

"The eastern part of North America even though we in the middle of a plate and not on a plates edge we do have quite a bit of earthquake activity here," said Dr. Scharnberger.

There is no telling when another could shake the area. This one was felt over a 20 mile radius.

"It's possible this could be a foreshock of another earthquake, but I can't say that for sure," said Scharnberger.

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