Safe driving competition for teens

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HANOVER, Pa. -- High school students in Adams and York counties, put to the test. The best drivers from 17 high schools faced off in an annual teen driver competition on Tuesday. The teens were judged on safe driving skills, with a written test and a skills test, which included an obstacle course.

Officials with PennDOT, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association, the Center for Traffic Safety, and various law enforcement agencies served as judges.

"There are so many stories out there of teens engaging in reckless driving and other reckless behaviors," said Tara Taylor, a Driver's Education instructor at York Catholic High School. "These students have a chance to really show a positive side, that teens can really make a difference for the good in their community, and that they can teach other people and be role models for other people about safe driving."

Teen participants say the competition puts a spotlight on the need for young drivers to pay attention behind the wheel.

"You're new drivers, so you haven't experienced a lot on the roads," said York Catholic High School student Teslyn Sterner. "You always need to be aware."

A statewide safe driving competition will take place in Camp Hill on May 9th.

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