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Local celebrities scoop ice cream; help fallen soldiers

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DALLASTOWN, York County, Pa.-- The Meadows Ice Cream Shop in Dallastown, York County, teamed up with "Wreaths Across America" on Saturday to host its first-ever "Celebrity Scooper" event.

Customers had the chance to meet familiar local faces like FOX43's Amy Lutz, Caitlin Sinett, MaryEllen Pann and Melanie Orlins, who were scooping out cones and dishes of the delicious sweet treat.

"Wreaths Across America" is an organization that helps fallen soldiers and also lays wreaths on the graves of soldiers during the holidays.

"The Wreaths Across America event is to get people to recognize, honor, remember and teach. The big part is teach the next generation coming up what it is that was done for them that they will have to do for the next generation," said Joan Snyder, the event coordinator.

A portion of the proceeds from the celebrity scooping event will be donated to "Wreaths Across America."