Protesters rally against President Trump’s visit to Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Harrisburg to voice their displeasure with President Donald Trump on Saturday night.

They held signs displaying the the promises they say he has broken to his followers.

Draining the swamp, and repealing The Affordable Care Act were among some of those promises.

Many protesters continue to call for President Trump to show the American people his tax returns.

A message of resistance and staying strong by political leaders was the focal point for many in the crowd.

"It's been a tough hundred days, but America has faced awesome challenges before and we've resisted them..and we will be resisting this challenge, together if we keep our eyes focused, our motivations high and our efforts," said Senator Daylin Leach, (D) who serves Montgomery and Delaware Counties. "In the words of St. Peter, 'This too shall pass'. Long live the resistance."

Despite the large crowds of protest, there were no reported incidents of violence.

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