Dueling discussions in Lancaster about the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- Senator Scott Martin is hosting a presentation Thursday afternoon for local officials and law enforcement regarding potential protests over the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline in Lancaster County.

The presentation will include a panel of officials from North Dakota regarding their experiences with the demonstrations in their state over the Dakota Access Pipeline and how it impacted them both economically and environmentally.

Officials say the goal of the presentation is to ensure that protests directed toward the pipeline are peaceful and held in a manner that would avoid financial burden to taxpayers. It is not open to the public.

The Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline is expected to pass through 37 miles of the county, including on a farm in Conestoga Township.

In response to the forum, the groups 'Lancaster Against Pipelines' and 'Lancaster Stands Up' are hosting their own event outside the meeting.

Their event is titled 'The People's Panel: Why We'll Stop the Pipeline,' and it will feature local residents speaking about their plans to stop the pipeline. The event is open to the public. It is scheduled to take place at the Farm and Home Center on Arcadia Road in Conestoga Township.

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