ONLY PA: Adams County elephant museum entices visitors with candy and peanuts

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ORRTANNA, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Where can you see thousands of elephants, snack on roasted peanuts or homemade fudge, and essentially become a kid in a candy store?

The answer: Mister Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Emporium.

Located along Route 30 in western Adams County is one of Pennsylvania's most tempting roadside attractions.

Customer Kim Pollard said "I was out in the area. It looked very interesting, and I just decided to stop in."

Mister Ed's co-owner Isaac Bucher said "to be a kid in a candy store or to have tons of fun."

Visitor Julia Chapman said "I want to bring my kids here and i have three kids, and they would love it."

This confectionery of epic proportions has quite a catchy name, but take one step inside and it's the scent that grabs you.

"Chocolate with coffee kind of smell, the aroma is wonderful," Chapman said.

"I like have a craving for chocolate right now so i decided this was the perfect place to go," Chapman added.

As it's name implies, the inspiration for Mister Ed's began with an elephant. A wedding gift given to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gotwalt, fifty years ago.

"On their honeymoon, they went to Williamsburg, Virginia. While they were down there, he bought five more, so now he had six, and on his way home, he said 'I'm going to start collecting elephants,'" Bucher said.

It was a collection which quickly multiplied.

There's still that scent.

"We make our own homemade fudge. Last year, we sold nearly 12 tons of fudge," Bucher said.

"From the basic peanut butter and chocolate to crazy stuff, like cotton candy and bubble gum fudge," Bucher added.

"I just got some of the loose candy here today. I didn't get any of the chocolate. I was trying to be good," Pollard said.

With various visitors loading up on sweet treats,  Mister Ed's clearly isn't just for kids.

"Oh, I will always be a kid in a candy store. I'm always ten years old, ten years old," Pollard laughed.


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