Poll: Do you think infrastructure should be a higher priority in Pennsylvania Budget talks?

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Today, Gov. Tom Wolf and PennDOT have announced the start of a Route 283 project, which is the largest among the hundred of projects that are slated to begin in the region this year.

$533 million has been dedicated on a project for the south central region of the state, with $89 million being set aside for Route 283 alone.

Overall, 1,400 roadway projects and thousands of miles of road are going to be repaired, improving the infrastructure for the state’s travel.

However, it has taken several years for this project to come about, and many of Pennsylvania’s roadways have suffered.

While other things are typically at the top of Pennsylvania State Budget Talks, such as possible liquor reform and funding state-run programs, almost everyone uses the state’s infrastructure and roadways to live. Obviously, that has an effect on many more people than a liquor store reform would.

However, working through a budget is a balancing act, and lawmakers have to pick and choose which battles to fight and what legislation to pass.

Our question is, do you think infrastructure should be a higher priority in Pennsylvania Budget talks?

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