York County church helps Syrian refugees in Lebanon

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, York County, Pa. -- A county church goes the extra mile today to help those in need.

The Church of The Open Door came together with global aid network in an effort to provide meals for refugees displaced by the ongoing Civil War in Syria.

More than 260 volunteers from the community came together to make thousands of rice and lentil meals.

All packaged meals will go to 50,000 refugees in need in the country of Lebanon.

"People don't understand that we are a church, we love people, we want to be a blessing for people, and people want to be involved in the community and world," said Bill Galinato, Pastor of Outreach. "This gives us a great way to let people practice showing Christ love in a practical way."

For every two bags of rice and one bag of lentils prepared, 12 meals will be provided for a family of five.