Poll: Should PA Drivers’ Licenses be able to be used as an accepted form of identification?

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Veterans Drivers Licenses

HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– State legislators are set to vote on a bill that could help Pennsylvanians avoid major inconveniences during travel.

Currently, Pennsylvania Drivers’ Licenses do not meet the federal standards of the Real ID Act, meaning that residents of the state will need another form of identification to fly from airports.

There is a deadline soon for this act to take place, and unless state lawmakers vote to make a change, residents of the Commonwealth could need a passport to fly, even within the United States.

Pennsylvania is not up to codes because state legislators voted against complying with the new rules of the Real ID Act in 2012.

Now, legislature wants to repeal the law and get into compliance so Pennsylvania residents can avoid the hassle of having additional forms of identification to do things like fly or enter federal buildings.

If lawmakers were to vote to comply, it would likely take a year and a half to two years to get everyone in compliance with the new ID.

Our question is, Should Pennsylvania Drivers’ Licenses be able to be used as an accepted form of identification?

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