Another frosty start Tuesday, then sunshine and 60s for the afternoon

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It’s another cold start, so a decent jacket is needed stepping outside this morning!




Tuesday is a quiet day, and it’s still a bit on the cool side. Readings are in the lower to middle 60s.

A BIT MILDER: It’s another abnormally cold morning for this time in May. Temperatures begin in the 30s for most this morning. This means more frosty spots are possible, so measures need to be taken to protect any vegetation or plants. Plenty of sun boosts temperatures quickly after sunrise once again, ending the frost threat by mid-morning. Some afternoon clouds are expected, but there’s still plenty of sunshine. It’s a bit of a milder day, with temperatures in the lower to middle 60s. This is still a bit on the cool side for this time of year, however. There’s a light wind as well, but you’ll notice it’s not as breezy as the last few days. Expect a partly clear night, with temperatures falling into the lower to middle 40s, so it’s not as chilly.



Rain chances do not return until the weekend.

QUIET WITH CLOUDS: The region is squashed in-between systems through the rest of the week, but we manage to stay dry. Expect added clouds, but there’s enough sunshine to warm us a touch more each day. Afternoon readings reach the lower to middle 60s again on Wednesday. Thursday, temperatures are a touch higher. Readings reach the middle to upper 60s. This is still a bit on the cool side for this time of year!



WEEKEND SHOWER CHANCES: Temperatures come down a bit for the weekend as shower chances return to the forecast. There’s mostly cloudy skies and a small chance for a shower on Friday, but there’s plenty of dry time. Readings are in the middle 60s. Showers are abundant for Saturday, with readings in the lower 60s. Sunday still brings the chance for a few showers, but there’s indication the day could turn drier. Readings are a bit higher in the 60s depending on the shower chance. There’s still the chance for some showers Monday, but this day could also end up being dry! We’ll watch for changes in the uncertain weekend pattern, and update you!




Have a great Tuesday!