Dauphin County marketplace cleans up after vandals strike

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LYKENS TOWNSHIP, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- The owner of a northern Dauphin County marketplace said his business was struck by vandals over the weekend.

The only thing they got away with so far, was breaking into the shop.

Many people come to Crossroads Sale and Market to look for fresh food or handmade items, but the man who runs the marketplace found more than he expected early Sunday morning

Crossroads Sale and Market Mike Leitzel said "I pulled in the back, and there was a blue car with the window smashed, and I thought uh-oh. Then I came around to the door where I come in, and the meter was on the ground.  The phone line was also cut. Then, I got a problem."

It was a sign the worst was yet to come.

"Aisles were full of junk, broken things, tossed aside, jars smashed, windows smashed, meat cases smashed, showcases smashed, glassware. It was worst than my worst nightmare," Leitzel said.

Vandals struck Leitzel's market, but despite the damage, it wasn't a complete smash and grab.

"They stole nothing. I don't know who would have the gall or lack of any morals to do something like this," Leitzel said.

Now, vendors who sell everything from fresh meats, baked goods and other items are working to help Leitzel put everything back in order for Friday's opening.

"They were pretty much all here yesterday, and got cleaned up what they could. Got pieces ordered that they needed, and pretty much the whole day there were people here, in and out, people off the street stop by to help. That made me feel good," Leitzel said.

Meanwhile, Leitzel has nothing good to say to the people who created the mess.

"I hope you get caught, and fry. I don't know what else, I can't fathom anyone doing this," Leitzel said.

Anyone with information on who did, should contact Pennsylvania State Police Lykens, 717-362-8700.