House approves Bill that would make hospital beds available for detox

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HARRISBURG – Rep. Aaron Kaufer’s (R-Luzerne) House Bill 118, which would expedite the creation of an Emergency Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Program, was unanimously approved by the House on Tuesday. The bill has been sent to the Senate for its consideration.

House Bill 118 would encourage existing health care facilities to convert beds to provide medically supervised detoxification to help ensure emergency drug and alcohol detoxification services are available in community hospitals.
“Addiction waits for no one, and this bill will save lives,” Kaufer said. “There is currently a shortage of beds, and when people overdose and receive care, they’re then sent home, rather than staying in a supervised setting where treatment can begin immediately. This bill aims to change that, and provide a safe and helpful environment for patients to begin the next step of their recovery.”
Kaufer is sponsoring a 10-bill package that pursues a broad approach to address the ongoing opioid epidemic. The bills would empower communities across the Commonwealth by developing strategies for educators, hospitals, law enforcement officers, counselors and families to confront this epidemic. House Bills 119 and 122, two bills from the package, were unanimously approved by the House Human Services Committee on Monday.
For more information about House Bill 118, or any other state-related issue, contact Kaufer’s district office in Luzerne located at 161 Main St., by calling 570-283-1001. Information can also be found online at or
SOURCE: Rep. Kaufer Press Release