Two candidates compete for York County’s top prosecutor

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YORK, Pa. -- Voters will head to the polls again Tuesday, May 16th.

Several municipal seats are up for grabs, including York County district attorney.

Since the county's current district attorney, Tim Kearney, isn't seeking re-election, that leaves his chief deputy prosecutor, Dave Sunday, looking to take his place at the county administration building.

His opponent is Jonelle Eshbach, a prosecutor who's worked for the county district attorney's office and the state attorney general's office.

Campaign signs point to a change coming to the York County district attorney's office with two candidates competing to be the county's top prosecutor.

Candidate Dave Sunday said "we have a major, major issue with heroin and opioid abuse in our community. This is something I can do to give back. This is something I can do to protect my son, and everyone else's son, and grandchildren, and daughters from what's going on out there."

Candidate Jonelle Eshbach said "I've done many cases involving rape, sexual assault of children, domestic violence. I've also prosecuted cases involving the elderly, and i'd like to see a focus on that as well in the DA's office. I would be a voice for all victims."

The heroin crisis has not only gripped York County but is a focus for both candidates.

"We currently have a city investigative unit, York City investigative unit, and the county drug task force operating independently of one another, and I don't believe that's the best way to stop this poison from coming into York County," Eshbach said.

"The decision that was made to expand the drug task force was done so that we could fight drug dealers, not just within the very center part of York County, but the county as a whole," Sunday said.

Voters unaffected by drug abuse may wonder why the candidates running for district attorney's office are so focused on one crime.

"In too many cases, people turn to having to steal to get things to fuel their habit, and too many times that involves breaking into people's homes," Sunday said.

"They're about to elect three judges, who will be on the bench for ten years, and who most definitely are in a position to affect their lives locally. I say to the voters, please come out and vote on Tuesday, May 16th," Eshbach said.

Sunday and Eshbach are both Republicans.

Since no Democrats are running against them, whoever wins the primary on Tuesday, will essentially win the race.