Mount Rose Avenue roadway project behind schedule, according to PennDOT

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SPRINGETTSBURY TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, PA. --  A road project that's supposed to help traffic flow on Interstate 83 in York County will not be finished on time. PennDOT says the construction is taking longer than expected. Some disappointed drivers say the work needs to be completed as soon as possible.

A headache - that's how drivers describe the Mount Rose exit in York County. There is relief at the end of the road; a project set to help with the congestion is ongoing but running a bit behind schedule.

"It's hectic. It's ridiculous sometimes, especially at rush hour, you'll sit for a good 15 minutes," said Chris Updegraff of York County.

Chris Updegraff delivers food for Parma Pizza and Grill right off in Interstate 83, Exit 18, Mount Rose Avenue, in York County. It's an area he sees frequently clogged up, north and south bound. A project meant to help with traffic and overall driver safety in that area has been pushed back from June 2018 to sometime in 2019.

"It definitely hinders our delivery time," he said.

"People who are trying to get off there in the evening - they can't even get over not unless somebody lets them over cause it's always backed up bumper to bumper," said Mary Beth of Dallastown.

She sees drivers slam on their breaks when they exit I-83 and drive onto Mount Rose Avenue. PennDOT officials say the roadwork will make accessing this road safer - when it's finished. It will also widen 1.3 miles of the interstate near Exit 18.

"Especially in the evenings, I see accidents there very frequently, particularly merging on and off the highway, particularly at the overpass of Mount Rose Avenue," said Daniel Cook of York County.

He anticipates the completed roadwork. A PennDOT official says it's behind schedule because of "unanticipated delays", like when the contractor, Cherry Hill Construction, had to do additional excavation. That work pushed the timeline back and cost an extra million dollars - making the total $59 million.

"Sometimes, you gotta live through a headache a while to make things better," said Updegraff.

Even though the project will be extended, drivers Fox 43 spoke with say they look forward to having a faster commute when it's all said and done, whenever that may be.

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