Man caught ‘huffing’ stolen can of compressed air in restroom at Staples

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Terry Eugene Darr

CARLISLE, Pa. – On Saturday, May 13 about 7:08 p.m. Carlisle Police were contacted by staff at the Staples store at 100 Noble Boulevard in the borough. They told officers that a man was believed to be “huffing“ from cans of compressed air in the restroom.  An officer made contact with 60-year-old Terry Eugene Darr as he sat in the restroom inhaling a can of compressed air for the purpose of causing intoxication.  Darr was found to have two cans in view and another concealed within a pouch hanging on the inside of his coat.  It was confirmed that he had not paid for any of the three cans of compressed air.  The total value of the cans was $36.

Darr was taken into custody for the retail theft and inhalant violations.  A review of his criminal history confirmed a previous retail theft conviction which raised the grading of this violation to misdemeanor level. He was transported to Cumberland County Booking Center where he was arraigned and is being held on $1,000 bail.