Everyone wins in this Cumberland County baseball league

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CAMP HILL, Cumberland County, Pa.-- It was Challenger Day for the Camp Hill Challenger Baseball League in Cumberland County.

The annual event includes games, giveaways, merchandise sales and raffles.
It's centered around three one-inning games between six challenger teams.

The Camp Hill Challenger Baseball League is one of the largest of its kind, providing school-aged children who live with disabilities, the chance to play non-competitive baseball.

"We sort of manipulate the game so that each child feels very comfortable as a baseball player. We do pitch to some of the children, some of the kids hit off of a tee, but we don't keep score. There's really no competitive edge to our baseball program, it's all about having fun," says Tony Fowler, League Director.

The Camp Hill Challenger team was one of only two teams worldwide chosen to play in an exhibition game last year during the Little League World Series in Williamsport.