Three Lancaster men facing charges after firing shots in close proximity to PA Turnpike Tollbooths

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EAST COCALICO TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– Three Lancaster men are facing charges after firing shots in close proximity to PA Turnpike Tollbooths.

Wilhelm Montalvo-Ortero, Carlos Muniz-Cardona, both 24, and Miguel Perez-Ruiz, 42, are facing charges of recklessly endangering another person, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct for their roles in the incident.

On Thursday, April 27 at approximately 10 p.m., an East Cocalico Township Police Officer was doing surveillance on a property in the 500 block of South Muddy Creek Road.

At the time, the officer heard approximately 30-40 rapid fire shots from a property that is approximately 75 yards from PA Turnpike Tollbooths.

The officer was able to locate the three individuals with handguns attempting to leave the area, and they were all placed into custody. Police recovered two 9 mm handguns, 3 empty magazines and numerous shell casings.

Previously, workers from the Turnpike complained about shots being fired at the above location and rounds ricocheting in close proximity to the booths.