“The right thing to do,” local woman’s mission to bring clean water to East Africa

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WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- It's something we take for granted. Families in Africa are forced to give their children dirty water that could make them sick or even kill them.

Barb Harman works with International Water Company in York.

"Women and children spend up to 6 hours a day searching for water, and that water that they find is contaminated."

Harman says we take it for granted, we don't even blink an eye at clean running water. "Where we go to the tap and turn it on, they don't have that luxury."

The company, with Barb's influence, recently created a non profit organization called International Pure Water Foundation to help third world countries gain access to clean water through water filtration systems.

"I couldn't work for the company that I work for and not feel obligated to do something to solve this problem."

Their first mission-- team up with world vision and Golf Fore Africa, making stops at 3 villages in Zambia which is in East Africa. 

"This is getting our feet wet and getting our feet wet big time with Zambia."

For four years, Barb has seen the water problems in these countries as the water company has visited these areas like Zambia where they sold filtration systems to counties. Now, they want to give back.

Barb says it is just the right thing to do.

Marcus Ward is one of the founders of I.W.C. He says giving back was the next step for the company. "It's time to give back. That's the whole purpose of International water company--was to give back."

He says he's excited that Barb is going to have the opportunity to go to Zambia and help roughly 900 people while hopefully learning something along the way.

He hopes she gains a better understanding for her of what the needs are over there.

Barb is leaving next month to Zambia. The need for clean water there, hits close to home, as she says her motivation comes from her own children.

"I can't imagine being a mom and having no choice but to give my child water that I know is going to make them sick or even possibly kill them. As a mom, that just really hit a chord with me."

She says having access to clean water could change the entire dynamic of a village-- in the best way possible. Through water filtration and knowledge-- that is what, I.P.W.F along with World Vision and Golf Fore Africa, will be doing.

"If we're able to bring somebody clean water, the girls go to school-- the moms can work, the kids are healthy... it changes the entire footprint of a community just with that one simple act."

While this trip to East Africa sure to be a life changing experience for Barb, it's the hope for change in the villages that will be the real reward for the international pure water foundation.

"What a beautiful world that's gonna be for them."

Because Barb is going to Zambia with a charitable organization, she does need help raising funds for her trip.

If you would like to help Barb on her mission to bring clean water to three different villages in Zambia, East Africa-- You can donate at:



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