Vehicle auction in York to benefit Drug Task Force

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YORK, Pa. -- Going once, going twice, sold to the highest bidder!

People opened up their wallets to buy cars at the York County District Attorney Office's Drug Task Force Auction. The auction was held at the Schaad Detective Agency in York.

York County District Attorney Tom Kearney said, "They're forfeited cars. The courts have ordered that they be turned over to the district attorney's office for resale."

The tens of thousands of dollars raised goes to the York County Drug Task Force, from salaries to firearms.

Kearney said, "The nice thing about it is the money from the bad guys goes to fund the good guys who take them down."

About 70 cars were sold "as is" with no warranties or guarantees, and some of the cars can't start.

Some people come out to the auction to try to get a deal.

Kelvin Ortiz, from York said, "I see the car, the red car. I have one almost the same year and everything, the same model. The only thing I need is the doors. So if it's not running, I'll take the doors and I'll put them on my other car."

Others come to enjoy the show during the holiday.

Dan Decker, from Spring Garden Township, said, "I used to come out a lot when I was younger to look at cars or get cars, or get a deal. Nowadays I just like coming out just to see what's out here."

Doug Roehm, from Leola, said, "My brother's looking for a car, and we just thought we'd stop over. It's sort of an ugly day out. Something to do."

And it's not just cars that are sold. There's also motorcycles, speakers and other electronics up for auction.

Kearney said, "Anything that's used during the course of the drug trade or we can prove is proceeds of the drug trade. So if you sell drugs and you use it to buy a tractor, we're going to take it from you."

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