Man arrested after breaking into building, resisting arrest

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HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– Police have charged an Aliquippa man with trespassing and possession of drugs after he broke into a building.

Austin Woolsey, 25, is facing charges of criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, possession of a small amount of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

On May 29 at approximately 4 a.m., police responded to the 200 block of N. Front Street after a report from Tyco Security revealed an alarm activation for a building break in.

Upon arrival, officers found broken glass laying on the sidewalk and south side of the building. The broken glass came from a narrow window adjacent to a side door, and officers found what appeared to be blood on the broken glass.

This led officers to believe that a person reached through the glass and unlocked the door to gain entry.

Officers entered the building and found blood at several locations that eventually created a path into the basement and up the west stairwell.

At the top of the second floor in the stairwell, officers found Woolsey sitting on a step.

As officers attempted to arrest Woolsey, he kicked and was pulling his arms away.

After being arrested, Woolsey was found to be heavily intoxicated and had minor cuts on his arms consistent with injuries that would have been suffered from the glass at the point of entry.

During a search at the time of his arrest, Woolsey was found to be in possession of a small amount of marijuana and a smoking pipe in his pants pocket.

Now, Woolsey will face charges.

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