Tow troubles at Dauphin County housing complex

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SWATARA TWP., Pa. - Some residents at a Dauphin County housing complex complained Thursday after they claim they were not given advance notice of road work near their homes and had their cars towed.

The Rutherford Park Townhomes complex had contracted workers to re-pave streets and parking areas in the complex, but at least a dozen cars were towed, according to residents.

"I'm devastated," Elizabeth Enriquez, a resident whose car was towed, said. "I had to pull $200 from my mom's credit card account, now she's probably in credit card debt because of it. We don't have money like that to be spending."

Enriquez planned on taking a friend to school Thursday morning when she found out her car had been impounded from the complex.

"This is low income [housing], I mean, my mom doesn't have a job, I don't have a job, and now our car is towed? How are we supposed to get that money and figure that out?" she asked.

Some residents say they received a document about two weeks ago from Preservation Management, the property management company, detailing the plan to re-pave the roads, and on which dates certain roads would be paved.

"She gave us all like where we were supposed to be parking, where we're not supposed to be parking," Maria Ramirez, who has lived in the complex for decades, said. "She tells us that we can get on the grass but you're car is going to get towed if it's on the grass."

Residents who were towed claim they never received this original notice.

"We didn't get our notices for some reason, and they couldn't knock on our door?" Enriquez said.

The plan changed Tuesday, when rain forced work on one of the sections to be rescheduled for next week. A notice stating this was sent to residents Wednesday, and Enriquez says she only received that one.

Multiple attempts by FOX43 to reach Preservation Management for comment on this story were unsuccessful.

Enriquez says she and several other residents were parked in the section that was supposed to be fixed on Tuesday, but was still towed even though no work was completed on that section Thursday.

"Every week, it's always a change and look what happened to these poor people," Ramirez said, consoling Enriquez.

"It's before everybody's awake, just so they can wake up and while they have to take their kids to school, or go somewhere to work, they wake up and their car, doctor's appointments, and they can't go because their car is towed what, to fix the ground?" Enriquez said.