Ocean City police officer helps find Chambersburg woman’s missing wedding ring on the beach

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Ocean City police officer Dennis Eade holds the wedding ring that he and Barry Betts (right) discovered on the beach over the weekend. The ring belonged to Meg Walls of Chambersburg. (OCPD Facebook photo)

OCEAN CITY, Maryland — A sad tale of a missing wedding ring has a happy ending thanks to an Ocean City police officer and a Good Samaritan beachcomber.

Last Friday, Meg Walls of Chambersburg was playing football with her son on the beach when her diamond wedding band flew off her finger and was lost in the sand. According to an account on Walls’ Facebook page, she and her family searched the beach in vain for several hours before finally giving up without the ring.

The next night, officer Dennis Eade of the Ocean City police department saw a man searching the beach with a metal detector. Eade asked the treasure hunter, Barry Betts of Milton, DE, if he could search the area where Walls had lost the ring the night before. Betts found the ring on his second pass.

Eade delivered the ring to Walls at her hotel later that night.