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Students and staff members left out of McCaskey High School yearbook, mother takes to Facebook

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LANCASTER, Pa. -- Tanya Bonano was excited when her son, Devin, came home from school with his McCaskey High School yearbook.

That is until she realized he wasn't in it.

Bonano said, "At first I just thought maybe I didn't know, but then I looked in the back in the index, and his name wasn't in there at all."

Devin, who has special needs, is a senior at McCaskey in Lancaster, but not graduating this year. Bonano said it's not just her son either, other students were also omitted from the yearbook.

We reached out to school officials on the matter, and the School District of Lancaster superintendent said about 30 students were missing from the yearbook, as well as about five staff members, including the principal.

Superintendent Dr. Damaris Rau said, "It was unfortunate that this particular mom felt really hurt. And we understand that, but we just want it to be clear that this was not intentional, and it certainly wasn't intentionally done against kids with specials needs. That's just absurd."

McCaskey's High School principal Bill Jimenez said the issue was with a file that had certain pictures on it that were never uploaded.

Jimenez said, "Even in this situation there's no consistency to what happened. Just probably a shooting block of time and that one file got lost."

School administrators said they met with Bonano and pointed out that her son was still included in a group photo in the yearbook. They are taking responsibility for the error and plan to put the pictures that weren't in the yearbook in their supplement book over the summer.

Rau said, "We love our kids. And everybody makes mistakes once in a while. I think the important thing is that we own that and that we fix it."

Bonano said she doesn't think this was intentional, but she was glad to bring awareness to the issue.

She said, "I'm glad that I heard from so many people, and to know that we aren't alone, and that there is support for the children, and changes will be made."