Harrisburg man charged with assault after threatening ex

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Miguel Angel Morant-De Leon

HARRISBURG, PA. — A Harrisburg woman told police her ex-boyfriend drove his car at a high rate of speed at her and threatened her if she didn’t drop charges against him. It happened on March 20th in the 1200 block of Hanover St. The victim told police she was getting out of her car when she heard and observed a black in color sedan traveling at a high rate of speed towards her. She identified the driver through the front windshield of the vehicle as her ex-boyfriend, Miguel Angel Morant-De Leon. 

In fear for her life, she jumped back into her vehicle and shut the car door. She said that Morant-De Leon brought his vehicle to a screeching halt before yelling, “If you don’t drop the charges you won’t make it!”  The victim has a pending domestic violence case against the accused, Morant-De Leon.
Morant-De Leon was arrested without incident on June 4th.

He is charged with two counts of simple assault, two counts of recklessly endangering and two counts of retaliation against a witness.

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