The heat is on this week!

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The 90s stick around through Tuesday.

HEAT WAVE: The 90s continue through Tuesday.  In fact, we’ll have a record high of 94 on Monday.  We stay sunny and dry on Monday and even for most of Tuesday.  Though, late Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday evening, we’ll get a few thunderstorms.

MORE HUMID: You’ll notice it feeling more humid on Monday, and it will stays feeling hot and humid through Wednesday.  On Thursday, we’ll feel humid outside, not so much because of the heat (the high is only 80), but more so because we’ll get some drizzle and have some mist in the air.  Friday will feel comfortable.

It will feel humid through Wednesday. On Thursday, it’s won’t feel hot an humid, instead it will feel humid because of a lot of moisture/mist in the air.

TRACKING STORMS: After a few thunderstorms and showers Tuesday evening and Tuesday night, we’ll have a few more on Wednesday.  Though, you will see sun for a lot of Wednesday.  Then, you’ll see cloudy skies all day on Thursday.  Even though only a spot or two will get a thunderstorm on Thursday, a lot of us will get a quick, light shower once or twice.  We’ll have widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms on Friday and Sunday evening.

Keep the umbrella handy this week, starting Tuesday.

OUTDOOR PLANS: As of now, Friday looks to be the wettest and stormiest of the week.  Saturday is sunny and dry.  Sunday will be dry until about 2 P.M.  Then, it will get pretty wet and stormy, so if you can, do something outside on Sunday early in the day.  Maryellen & Andrea will keep you updated on the weekend forecast all week.

We have to wait until next week for 70s to return.

LESS HOT: We shake off the 90s on Wednesday.  Expect highs in the mid 80s.  On Thursday, we’ll barley reach 80 because of the clouds and east wind, which ushers in Atlantic Ocean moisture.  Then, back into the mid 80s for Friday and next weekend.  The 70s return early next week–by Tuesday.  In fact, it doesn’t look that hot for at least the first half of next week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson