Poll: Are you in favor of the Governor selecting his/her own Lt. Governor?​

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Governor Tom Wolf

HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– Today, state senators are meeting to discuss reforms to the process of electing the Lieutenant Governor.

Of course, current Gov. Tom Wolf and Lt. Gov. Mike Stack have had a tumultuous relationship, leading a bipartisan group of state senators seeking to amend the state’s constitution.

This amendment would allow gubernatorial candidates to select their running mate after the primary election, subject to the approval of their state committees.

That process is similar to how presidential candidates select their running mates.

However, because this change requires a constitutional amendment, it could not take effect until after the next election of the Governor and Lt. Governor under the existing process.

While enabling the Governor to pick his own running mate could create a better working relationship for the pair, it could also bring accusations and worries of collusion or corrupt government.

Our question is, are you in favor of the Governor selecting his/her own Lt. Governor?​